• Tehkapi

    Hello again, it's me again!

    Remember the Kickstarter project I mentioned last time? Well, there's 10  days left, and as of this post, over $19,600 has been donated! Chu is very happy about all of this.

    As a recap, Buwaro, Rhea, and Kieri plushes are fully funded, and will come with a color hang tag and Trouble Center button. Further, Sakido plushes are fully funded and come with a special button and color hang tag. At $20,000, Iratu plushes will begin development, and at $22,500 the Iratu plushes will be complete!

    Anyway, there are only 10 days left. Let's give 'em hell, and hit the goal! (Er... well, 9 times the goal anyway...)

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  • Tehkapi

    Support the Kickstarter!

    April 14, 2013 by Tehkapi

    So, I'm hijacking the front page news, yay.

    If you haven't yet, please check out the Slightly Damned Plushification Project Kickstarter page. Donating money will help Chu make Buwaro plushies.

    Within the first few hours, the goal of $2,500 had not only been met, but exceeded. If we all pitch in even a few dollars, we can help make even more progress, and maybe even more plushies.

    Even if you can't donate, check it out and show your support, let's make this happen!

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