I've filled in the Expanded Nav at the top with links to the various relevant parts of the site. Some of the pages I've linked to, like Human, are disappointing but we actually have a lot more content then I thought. Stuff that may be interesting to include:

  • Specific places like Farun, Riverside and St. Curtis. We need actual articles for more of these things first though.
  • Groups. This stuff is relatively new and I'm not sure how I'd fit it in.

Something else I've noticed while doing this is that we don't have a category for antagonist characters. We're probably going to have to create that.

If anyone disagrees with the organisation, the order of items or if you think I've missed something then please point it out. It'd be helpful if you also tell me if any of the links don't go to real pages, since the UI for building the menu doesn't show red-links which makes it somewhat hard to tell.

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