Wikia is changing the layouts of all Wikis on October 3. Unfortunately, this will break all the widening tricks I did to make the articles wider; as such, I've removed all of that pre-emptively to prevent the site from breaking [it was ugly and very broken in the preview]. I will attempt to redo that work from scratch, which should actually be easier (hopefully) with the new layout.

Since I'm already fiddling with the site's appearance by necessity, if anyone has wallpaper ideas, color ideas, or would like anything else changed then you can reply to this blog.

Update: Layout has been applied.

I'm working through some of the backlog of todo items that I've been lazy about, I'm adding decorative images to the layout and playing with the color scheme. I'm not much of a graphic designer or photoshop master so what I do probably won't be that great. If anyone knows how to shop together a bunch of comic images for the background, that'd be helpful; the wallpapers I've found in Chu's gallery don't really work for us as they don't tile, we need something that either tiles, or can be surrounded by a generic filler image that will tile without looking bad.

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