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Professional Status

Village Leader

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Fuzen'ro Forest

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #86 [HQTS] (Flashback)

Stonepaw is one of the primary village leaders of Rhea Snaketail's village, who constantly had arguments with Rhea.


Stonepaw is about the size of the average adult Jakkai, being a foot taller than Rhea in terms of height. She wears a dark-blue long-tail hat with a light-blue base, a light-blue shirt and black shorts. From a flashback that she first appeared in, she had green eyes. She seems to carry around a round-top wooden cane, possibly as a sign of her position in the village.


Stonepaw appears to be very strict when it comes to the traditions of her village, as she would absolutely not allow Rhea to bring Humans like Jake "Jay" Thorndyke into the village despite them always going to Farun for various activities like the Winter Soltice. She also seems to constantly get into fights with Rhea over this sort of issue and one time she got so mad at her for breaking their sacred statue of Fuzen'ro the Bat that she threatened to exile her from the village; a decision that she might have regretted.

Despite their constant fights, Stonepaw has shown to care for Rhea, as when she was young she comforted her after the death of Lightfoot; saying she did the right thing in calling for help.



When Rhea was younger, she and Lightfoot were playing in the river when Lightfoot got swept away by the current; causing Rhea to go and seek help. By the time help came it was too late. Stonepaw provided some comfort to her for trying to do the right thing despite what happened, though it didn't help with Rhea in the long-run.

Over the years the two would be known for constantly fighting with one-another over what Rhea does against the traditions of the village. At one point prior to the start of the story, she became especially angry when Rhea didn't participate in the ceremonial dance for Fuzen'ro the Bat. When Rhea smacked the statue out of her paws, she cursed and threatened to exile Rhea from the village. Rhea took up on her offer and left in a hurry.



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