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Slightly Damned #466 [HQTS]

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St. Curtis is a merged Jakkai/Human city, the single largest city in Fragaria. It is located at the center of Fragaria, south of the capital, in Blossom Valley, a large fertile valley of the central mountain range. The city is located in the center of the valley, both in and around the Jakkai Sacred Tree (aka the Tree of Peace). St. Curtis is famous for its honey and is surrounded by fields of flowers and various farms. There are four road passes through the mountains to reach the city, one in all four compass points (North, East, South, West).

St. Curtis has a unique reputation as a place where just about anyone is welcome regardless of species. It is also the usual home of Melli the Bee of the Twelve Guardians and a popular location for Meeros the Mortori Bird to appear as well.

Every year, St. Curtis celebrates the Spring Flower Festival at the beginning of Spring when the flowers from the Sacred Tree begin to fall.


The entire city is built in and around the base of a giant tree, dubbed the Tree of Peace, that used to be the primary home of the Jakkai over two hundred years ago. Most, if not all the buildings are wooden and often seem integrated within the roots of the tree that spread all throughout the city. Vines can be seen growing on the buildings and even tree branches that seem to extend from the walls of the buildings.

The tree itself seems to act as one large housing unit as windows can be seen alongside a pathway that seems to circle the tree twice on the way up. There are also houses that are either separate from the interior of the tree or act as entrances to the inside.

Because of the large tree roots that tend to separate certain parts of the city, wooden stairways are built to allow people to walk across them.



St. Curtis is famous for its honey, including Fire Honey collected from Fire Bees. Fast food vendors sell popcorn balls coated with honey to tourists during the Spring Flower Festival. Fire Honey is also used in Fire Bee Mead, which is said to be the strongest kind of alcoholic mead around.



Approximately two hundred in-universe years before the beginning of Slightly Damned, St. Curtis did not exist. In its place were two villages: a Jakkai village who lived in their massive Sacred Tree, where they were master bee-keepers and honey-gatherers; and a Human village inhabited by excellent farmers whose crops and flowers were unrivalled by any in Fragaria.

The Jakkai's bees required the farmers' flowers for nectar to build their hives and make honey while the humans required the bees spread their pollen so that their crops and gardens would flourish. Ignorant of this fact, the two races shunned each other — they kept strictly separate and refused to communicate.

One fateful night, the Jakkai's Sacred Tree somehow caught aflame. The flames claimed many lives and the Jakkai could not handle it alone. The humans could easily see the blaze from their village but they took no action for they felt the Jakkai would never lift a paw for them and it was their problem.

However, one young man broke away from the group and sprang to action, running to the tree; as if this was a signal, the rest of the humans followed him and rushed to help. With the help of their human neighbors, the Jakkai were able to save their Sacred Tree and extinguish the flames. Still, many homes had been destroyed and their livelihoods were greatly damaged. From the ashes rose a bond between Jakkai and human alike in Blossom Valley — they agreed to work together to create a better town, one for both races so that they could live together in harmony.

Alas, it was discovered that the young man who had been the first to run to the Jakkai's aid had died in the fire. To honor his sacrifice, the town, which eventually bloomed into a city, was named St. Curtis.

To this day, no one knows (or admits) how the flames started, but there have been rumors that Melli the Bee started the flames to teach the two races a lesson. Some say it was arson, others a freak lightning storm, and one involving the extinct Fragarian Fire Dragon.


Pre-Festival EventsEdit

Kazai Suizahn and his friend Sanjulo travelled to St. Curtis from Riverside via the Eastern Pass. For unknown reasons, they caused a rock-slide with their magic that blocked that pass for weeks. The pair were arrested and forced to fix it.

Kieri, Rhea and Buwaro were following Kazai's footsteps but were forced to travel to St. Curtis the long way via Weyville to the Southern Pass because of the rock-slide. This trip took so long that Kazai and Sanjulo had finished clearing the East Pass and been released from prison before Kieri could find them.

Upon arriving, Rhea, Kieri, Buwaro and the Sinclairs were surprised to discover Demons and Angels walking around without fighting and without any significant reaction from most of the locals. Heathcliff "Cliff" Sinclair notes that this is highly unusual as, even though St. Curtis is reknown for its tolerance, there are usually not any Angels or Demons in the city and their presence should normally have caused a much more significant reaction. It was around this time that he learns Weyville was destroyed from a newspaper.

Miranda Sinclair went to a skilled midwife family friend in St. Curtis to have her baby whilst Rhea, Kieri and Buwaro worked for the local Trouble Center. After discovering that Kazai had been released from prison already, Buwaro found Crunky on their way back to the Sinclair's wagon. Cliff Sinclair set up a merchant booth once the Flower Festival started which the three helped run.

Shortly before the Festival, Iratu, Tsavo, Azurai and Moonshade had also arrived at the city and set up a base in a bar in preparation for a "gathering" of Demons that was to take place during the Festival. General Iratu also made plans to destroy and loot the city afterwards.

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