This page is a list of outstanding tasks for cleaning up and improving the Wiki. It isn't exhaustive but should cover the major work projects.

Normal Wiki maintenance tasks are not included here. A list of such tasks, like fixing double redirects, can be found on Project:Community Portal. The Site maintenance category also lists relevant pages with various problem tags attached (like stubs, cleanup, etc).


  • Build out Stub pages
  • Write the pages on the wanted pages list
  • Review existing articles
    • Articles should be made consistent with other similar articles. There's been a push to add consistent sections to all the character articles for instance.
    • Some of the major but older articles like Rhea and Kieri need serious rewriting work done to them. The pages on Races also need major work, most are just copy-pasted from the info section on sdamned.
  • Categorisation: The current category structure is a mess. Major points:
    • Places is over broad. We don't want places inside cities in the same category as cities themselves, we also don't want places in the afterlife in the same category as places/cities/countries on Medius. Need more subcategories (Places in Farun, Places in Riverside, Named Locations in Fragaria). [This needs planning]
    • Characters should be classified under their race only. Not Category:Characters itself, that is just a meta category for grouping subcategories.
    • Characters should be in "RaceX Characters" rather than "RaceX", otherwise we're going to get confused with articles on culture, it'd also be cool to categorise places that are mostly one race (like Rhea's village) under "Browse/Content/Races/Jakkai/Locations" and such.
    • The installation of {{Information}} is going to cause an explosion of image categories. Those need to be worked through (created and properly categorised themselves).
  • There are currently no general articles summarising the comic itself, or spin-offs like Soprano of Time and the Book.


  • Make all Redirect pages members of Category:Redirects.
  • Categorize the categories. This especially includes categories which are used but don't exist. All categories should form a tree under Category:Browse (They currently don't).
  • All Images need to be categorized. Category:Images exists but is overly vague (everything is an image). Categories like "Images of Kieri Suizahn", "Images from Slightly Damned", "Images from Chu's DeviantArt" and "Images that have been altered" would be more useful.
    • See the Template for File Information below. The template could partially categorize the pages so this work should be delayed until the template is ready.
  • Replace JPG image files with PNGs based on Chu's DeviantArt versions of the comics. The comics on DeviantArt are higher quality without [as much] blocking noise. Any image that is currently on the Wiki which is a .JPG should be replaced. (Please tag the old image with {{delete|<reason>}}, include a link to the new image in the reason field to make it easier for other people to replace uses of the old image with the new one)
    • Special Exception: Don't bother replacing JPEG files from comics before Slightly Damned #167 [HQTS]. There are no DeviantArt versions of those, as long as the file on the Wiki isn't obviously worse than the original then it's fine.
    • Special Exception: Special purpose files like File:MediusSky SiteBackgroundTile.jpg which aren't used in articles are fine by default. Those sorts of files may have been uploaded as JPEGs deliberately because their size is more important than the quality.


  • I should have another go at the background, make a bigger tile for the sky so it has less repetition. [Synthesizer can't work miracles, too little base material, just exacerbates repetition].
  • The Main Page needs to be made more interesting. It could also use some gimmicks like a random article, image, comic or quote display (<choose><option></option></choose>). Portal links like "Meet the cast", "Explore the World", etc. sections with buttons with character/place names and a short blurb would work, kinda like this.


  • We need a File Information template (like Wikipedia:Template:Information)
    • Done. I need to AutoWikiBrowse all 200 images and fix all the old ones to use the template though. I'll put that off until I get the Category:Image management templates done since I'm probably going to end up tagging a bunch as being crap. In progress. I'm going to do this in 3 passes, first I'll tag everything, then I'll replace all the crap images, then I'll move all the not crap ones that have bad names (and fix all the article references to those images).
      • Phase 1: Add Information templates to all existing images: Done.
      • Phase 2: Replace all image-lowres and image-replace images: Started.
      • Phase 3: Move existing files to more descriptive names and fix article links.
  • We need a full set of article management templates (Copy-pasted, Needs Image, Needs Rewriting, Section is unwritten, Needs Cleanup, ...) and the associated categories. (in-progress, slowly)
  • Need a set of image management templates (low-res, badly cropped, overly altered, irrelevant [alias delete])
  • We need an infobox for objects/possessions.
  • We need an infobox for places.
  • We need an infobox for races.
  • We need an infobox for creatures.
  • We need an infobox for events.
  • The Group infobox is okay, but it should really be more visual. Groups should be arranged with character portraits in the articles as a table like on One Piece. This will require another template, and removing the current fields from the infobox.

Administrative Edit

  • Most of the pages under the project namespace are defaulted. They should probably be written or updated.
    • There are links from semi-administrative areas for things like the list of user groups that point into non-existent pages within the Project space. Those need to be set-up so the Wiki stops giving red-links on those pages.
  • AutoWikiBrowser should be set up.
    • AWBs auto fixers aren't configured for stuff like typos and whatnot.
  • We could use Portal pages. Portals act as a starting point for people to read the Wiki, like Portal:World, Portal:Characters, Portal:Places, Portal:Creatures, etc.
    • It's possible to use the Category pages for this, that probably isn't a good idea though since we have little control over the appearance or order.
  • Policy
    • Need to define an image policy. Drafted
    • Need to document the wiki's current writing style as a Manual of Style.
    • Need to document the wiki's organisational structure (Naming convention for templates, categories, etc.) [Structural Organisation Policy]
  • Need to create an image index to get the site background images out of Special:UnusedFiles. Basically just a project page with a table linking to each image and mentioning how and where it is used.

Administrative (Sysops)Edit

  • Some of the Wiki's messages (MediaWiki namespace) should be changed or disabled.
    • In progress. I'm still figuring out where all the interesting ones are, I've switched photo->image on everything in reach and added an upload message. There are probably other interesting ones around.
  • The Wiki's menu bar at the top needs to have stuff actually added to it.
    • Done mostly. Just need to fiddle with the exact contents and organisation.
  • The Monobook version of the site is neglected, it's not worth investing a lot of effort into it but it should be made to work correctly. Currently, it looks like crap (due to all the color hardcoding, the CSS work will mostly fix that) but I think the forums are broken and possibly some other things as well.
    • Done mostly. It's generic as hell but it's no longer completely ugly and broken.
    • Needs a new wiki logo image.
  • The Special:Upload form is not very good. The current black-out trick was a quick hack, I should actually replace the entire form with a one-text-box-per-parameter custom form for the info template.
    • Need to see if I can enable link suggest, that would be cool for the featuring parameter.
  • Need to locate the rest of the rail modules for adding background images. I know I've missed #WikiaRail > WikiaBlogListingBox and FollowedPagesModule.