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Mokurynn's Egg

Unknown (Presumably Jakkai)[1]

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Sinclair Wagon

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Slightly Damned #382 [HQTS]

Mokurynn's Egg is a mysterious egg that supposedly belonged to Mokurynn before being used by Moonshade to force them to work for him, before finally coming into possession of Heathcliff "Cliff" Sinclair.


The egg appears to be about the size of an ostrich egg. It has like a light-green color with dark zig-zag stripes. According to Rhea Snaketail it looks like a Jakkai egg[1]. It's currently inside a glass case with a yellow lock in the shape of the Earth Element Symbol, resting on a blue pillow.



Most of the egg's history is unknown. At some point Mokurynn had possession of it, most likely as the parent of the egg given Moonshade's reference to it, before being taken by Moonshade in order to force them to carry out the task of killing Rhea. At some point he lost it and it ended up in the possession of the owner of Trader Moe's.

Love and WarEdit

The Weyville IncidentEdit

While at Weyville, Cliff and Miranda went to Trader Moe's in order to purchase the egg from the owner. Several days after the incident involving Denevol, Cliff showed Rhea and her friends the egg that he came to Weyville for. Rhea recognized it as possibly being a Jakkai egg and tried to touch it, only for Cliff to say not to as she might break it. Buwaro would later have a near accident with the egg that same evening.

Forgive MeEdit

Journey to St. CurtisEdit

MokurynnsEggShaking SD435

It's starting to show signs of life.

For most of the journey, the egg has remained on the lower shelf of the Sinclair Wagon, showing no sign of activity until one evening when Rhea could hear someone crying. Cliff said it might have been owls as Rhea tried going back to sleep. Cliff shifted his eyes onto the egg as it started to jiggle a bit; indicating that at some point the egg will hatch.

Current ArcEdit

Demon Invasion - The Gathering Pt 1 & 2Edit

Since the start of the invasion, the egg remained inside the wagon, without any hint of life since that one night. Later, because Miranda smashed her family wagon over an attacking Demon, it's survival was unknown at the time; however because of a mysterious voice instructing Rhea to seek it out, it appeared to have survived.[2] It was later confirmed by Moonshade that indeed the egg had survived since it was emitting a large amount of magic power, relating to that of a Guardian.[3] When Rhea found the Sinclairs' abandoned carriage, the egg was missing as Rhea speculated that the Sinclairs took it with them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unusual Magic Power: Despite still being in an egg, the child seems to be emitting a strong amount of magic power similar to that of a Guardian, according to Moonshade who sensed it along with Rhea. To be able to do so without having hatched yet means that the child could be born with a high amount of magic power unlike any newborn like it.

Enhanced Durability: Despite everything that has happened to it during the time of the invasion of St. Curtis, from the chaos caused by Demons attacking the Sinclair family and Miranda smashing the wagon onto some while the egg was still inside, it has somehow managed to survive whilst being inside a glass case; though the exact reason has yet to be revealed.


  • To date, even without having been born into the world, the unborn child would be the youngest to display any source of magic power, and one recognizable enough by someone like Moonshade from a considerable distance.



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