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Mokurynn is the name of Moonshade's accomplice who had some hand in Rhea's murder. Other than that, very little is known of Mokurynn.



Most of Mokurynn's history is unknown and not all that clear. At some point he/she had an egg that would later be taken by Moonshade for unknown reasons. Because of this however, Mokurynn would end up having to help him find and murder Rhea for reasons that only Moonshade knows.

The current whereabouts of Mokurynn or his/her activities is unknown at this time. There isn't any clue whether he/she is dead (presumably killed by Moonshade) or alive.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While unclear if it's due to some special power Mokurynn has or if it's because of other means, Mokurynn seems to be aware of who shares the same bloodline as Moonshade since he/she was given the task of making sure that no one else related to him was alive.


  • A clue regarding Mokurynn's identity involves an egg, which Moonshade states belongs to his cohort. This indicates Mokurynn is either a female or the father of this egg, and it also suggests Mokurynn is a Jakkai as well (assuming the egg isn't a Mixling).
  • Since Moonshade was in possession of Mokurynn's egg, Moonshade is either a friend or a blackmailer. Moonshade's lack of concern for the loss of the egg after Mokurynn had apparently completed the contracted assassination (of Rhea) seems to imply blackmail or a similarly disposable relationship.
  • Since Jakkai have communal hatcheries, the fact that Mokurynn's egg was explicitly singled out could imply that Mokurynn doesn't live in a Jakkai village; or it could have just been stolen before it was added with the others.
  • Mokurynn has not been introduced into a current plot-line yet so remains a back-story character. Next to nothing specific is known about him/her, the only hint of appearance is a vague shadowy silhouette back shot (Slightly Damned #86 [HQTS]) that hides almost every significant feature.
  • Mokurynn's name is interesting. It appears to be a mash-up of Moku the Snake and Rynn the Flame Dragon who are both Twelve Guardians. The significance of this is unclear, it seems unlikely to be a coincidence or unintentional though.