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Toby, a Hukai

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Mixling (also called a Bitza in casual slang) is the term for a Median of mixed race heritage. Mixlings are hybrids of one or more of the common races. Mixlings are very rare with Hukai being the most common variety. Mixlings are most common in cities like St. Curtis where multiple races live together.

There has not been a detailed explanation so it isn't clear if compatibility is universal across genders; for example, humans having live births whilst Jakkai lay eggs. The only Mixling to feature so far had a Human mother and Jakkai father which side-steps the problem of what happens when the mother is a Jakkai.

Particular varieties of Mixling seem to be named using name-combination, i.e. a Human-Jakkai hybrid is called a "Hukai".


It is seemingly possible for any combination to exist, however only the following have been featured and given canonical names.

  • Hukai — A Human-Jakkai hybrid. They have smaller ears than regular Jakkai and are mostly fur-less except for their forearms and lower legs which end with Jakkai paws instead of hands. They retain the Jakkai facial shape and nose but usually do not have tails. The human traits appear to be dominant.

Notable MixlingsEdit

  • Toby - The first Hukai (and Bitza) featured in the story. He was born to a human mother and Jakkai father.


  • "Bitza" was coined by Chu's friend Ita from Upside-downland.
    • Bitza appears to be a pun, a slurring of "bits of" to form one word, but it is not a racial slur.

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