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Magic Restraining Braces



Tsavo (creator)



Demon Soldiers

Magic Restraining Braces are a set of braces used to seal off the wearer's Magic capabilities in order to better restrain them and prevent escape. They are tools used mostly by Hell's Army in order to capture Angels.


The braces seem to come in a set of three, all resembling large metal rings that slip onto a person's wrists and around their neck. The neck piece appears dark-gray, with a white zig-zag pattern on the center portion of the plate. The wrist pieces have dark-gray rims with a mostly light-gray center, and black triangle-patterns aligned on the ends of the center facing each other. The metal on all three seems enchanted in a way that allows them to fit anyone, even if they happen to change size for whatever reason.


When applied to a person, the wearer becomes unable to use any Magic they might have, as well as being unable to speak. Because most magic requires the use of their hands and sometimes their mouths (i.e. breath-based Magic), it's possible the braces prevent magic from being channeled into those areas. The braces were described as being cursed, given how they work, as they cannot be removed by any other means except by uttering the wearer's full name.


The removal of the braces is not restricted to just the person who applied them; anyone can remove the braces by saying the victim's full name if they happen to know it. In addition, the braces power is not enough to overwrite existing magic that was applied by powerful entities like the Twelve Guardians, as they can still shift in-between their animal form or have parts of their body change.




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