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Slightly Damned #47 [HQTS] (Referenced)

Father Syndel is the creator and ruler of Hell and its Demons, and is one of the three Gods who created the world of Medius.


Syndel has only been referenced[2], he has not appeared at all. Gaia has appeared as a depiction in the form of a statue but the only information about Syndel is the world history sketch[3].

Based off this sketch: Syndel appears to resemble a dragon or serpent-like creature with wings similar to Buwaro's. He seems to have spikes along his spine, two long spines on the back of his head that point straight back, and small horns above his eyes that curl backward. He has black scales with purple patterns over parts of his body, notably his head. His eyes appear to be red, and he has 3-4 claws on each hand instead of fingers.



Syndel, along with the other gods, Death and Gaia, have existed long before Medius' creation. Gaia and Syndel created the Angels and Demons respectively but wondered if they could accomplish more; Death convinced the two to work together and create the land of mortals, now known as Medius, with Death supervising to ensure everything was in balance.

After its creation, the three gods decided not to interfere directly with Medius. Instead, they would only receive the souls of the mortals after death. Gaia and her angels rewarded those who were good enough to reach Heaven, Syndel and his demons gleefully tortured evil souls, and Death received all the rest in Purgatory. Death also created the creatures Cerberus and Drazil to guard Hell and Heaven respectively.[3]

Great WarEdit

Main article: Great War

The non-interference pact lasted for quite some time, but Syndel gradually became resentful of Medius where the mortals worshipped Gaia as "the Great Mother" but barely venerated Syndel at all. Syndel began interfering with events on Medius, encouraging an evil general to go to war and helping him conquer the surrounding nations.

At first, Gaia chose not to directly interfere herself. That changed when some of the dead souls who made it to Heaven reported that they had seen, or been killed by, Demons. At this point, the Great War began in earnest with Angels traveling to Medius to do battle with the marauding Demons.[3]

Inexplicably, the war came to an "end" a few centuries before the main storyline starts, although skirmishes do continue on Medius with Heaven and Hell in a state of cold war.[4] Both Gaia and Syndel disappeared to places unknown, and even Death eventually left to try and find them.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While he has yet to appear, as a God he is immensely powerful and likely very proficient in Magic, especially Darkness Magic.

Creation Magic: As a God, Syndel was able to create his own world of Hell and the violent and aggressive Demons that inhabit it. He also created Medius alongside Gaia and Death.

Immense Magic Power: As a God of Medius, Syndel has a vastly immeasurable amount of Magic Power, as he is capable of creating an entire world with the aid of two other Gods and manage his own domain.

Immortality: Syndel (along with Death and Gaia) has existed as a god long before Medius was created. He is inherently ageless and it is likely that he is also practically indestructible by anything less than the power of another god. Whether it is possible for him to be injured or incapacitated, if only temporarily, isn't known.


  • The low detail sketch of Syndel bears an odd resemblance to Buwaro. The wings are almost identical, they both appear to have red eyes, and Syndel's black/purple color scheme mirrors Buwaro's purple/white color scheme. This may or may not mean anything, it could just be coincidental.


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