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Slightly Damned #151 [HQTS]

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Farun is a Human controlled town on the eastern edge of Fuzen'ro Forest. It is the hometown of Jake "Jay" Thorndyke.


The general architecture of the town uses mostly wooden houses with different designs depending on where they are in the village. Residential houses are typically one to two-storey high with tiled triangle roofing and have either a brown or yellow exterior. Most houses have cement stairs and some have metal hand-railings.

The business area of the town seems closely connect by wooden decks that are supported by long beams that also hold up part of the roof of each building, and each building seems to be a few inches apart to allow people to walk along the outside of the shops, which include a retail store, a toy store, an inn, and more.

The overall town seems to be spaced out along a large area as there's farmland that also has residential housing. Most of the fences are wooden while a brick fence is seen at least once.


The entire town seems to be comprised of only Humans. However they seem to take to Jakkai very well as they treat them like any other visitor or resident and even allow them to take part in the annual Winter Soltice Festival.




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