Drazil SD842

Unknown (Gate Keeper)


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Dawn of Medius

Professional Status




Guardian of Heaven

Personal Status



Death (technically)




Weapons and Effects


First Appearance

Slightly Damned #842 [TS] (window-stain)

Drazil is an Angel-like being, created by Death to stand guard over Heaven. Given his creation and role in the Afterlife he can be seen as a Light counterpart to Cerberus.



Rough sketch of Drazil's full body.

Drazil has yet to appear within the story. Based on a sketch of him[1], he resembles very closely to what all Angels appear to be. Combine that with a window stained glass inside the temple within the Tree of Peace, his attire appears similarly to the kind of armor Seraph Angels wear, though the metal plating has a very light-shade of white; the rim lining on his shoulderpads even have a hint of blue to match that of his cape. He wears a white headband around his forehead, and seems to have long-white hair that stretches down to his neck.

History Edit


Drazil was created by Death after he, Gaia and Syndel had finished creating Medius. Drazil's role isn't entirely clear, unlike Cerberus, whose job is to keep the souls of the damned within Hell; though he may act as the first-line of defense for any attempt to enter Heaven.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It's virtually unknown what kind of powers and abilities Drazil has. Being close to like an Angel he may have powers beyond that of a normal Angel while possessing other feats of strength of his own.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Given his status as a guardian of Heaven, Drazil may be very experienced when using a weapon. In this case his weapon of choice is a sword.

Immortality: Drazil has existed as a demi-god since Medius was created. He is inherently ageless due to his nature and will live as long as Medius exists. It is likely that he is also practically indestructible by anything less than the power of the gods that created him in the first place. Whether it is possible for him to be injured or incapacitated, if only temporarily, isn't known.


Sword: Drazil seems to wield a large sword that seems to be a two-handed weapon. The hilt is dark-gray and the blade appears white; starting a few inches wider than the handle of the hilt before curving outward, then narrowing downward to the tip of the blade. Unlike other Angel weapons, this sword appears ordinary and doesn't carry any runes or Elemental Symbols on it.

Trivia Edit

  • Chu states Drazil's name is derived from the World-Tree, Yggdrasil, but is also "lizard" spelled backwards.

References Edit

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