Dakos Squad

Hell's Army

Base of Operations

Coiled Cobra Bar



First Appeared

Slightly Damned #120 [HQTS]

Professional Status


Gathering Angels for Ascensions

The Dakos Squad was an unnamed group of Demons, led by Dakos on Medius. They were part of the army from Hell. The group was hunting Angels before they were all killed.


Dakos served as the squad leader, given his age and experience; he gives orders to those in his team with expectancy to perform them. Lazuli can be seen as a secondary leader in case he should go missing, with Talus acting mostly as their muscle.

Team CapabilitiesEdit

Like most teams the squad is very combat efficient with having both melee and magic-based combat covered. However with the death of Talus, their overall strength is diminished by a small margin though currently there's not much of a chance to compare their current efficiency to other squads when performing certain tasks. As it stands their group has/had access to the following magic schools:


Capture Angels for AscensionEdit

Dakos's Squad, along with all other squads in the army, are to capture as many Angels as possible in order to perform Ascensions to move Demons from Hell to Medius.

  • Status: Killed in Action

Perform Ascension in St. CurtisEdit

Using what Angels they currently have, the squad is to join the others in performing an Ascension ritual in St. Curtis.

  • Status: Killed in Action


  • Dakos' squad is the first to be shown in Hell's Army. Theirs was also the first to have all of its members perish.



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