In Medius, there exist a number of crystals filled with naturally occurring magic power of particular elements. They are somewhat rare, especially high-grade (high power) ones and are prized both for their general utility and as trinkets.

There are five known types of elemental crystals:

CrystalFire SD514
  • Fire Crystal: Low-grade Fire Crystals are essentially hot coals that never naturally cool. They are valuable for cooking. Fire demons like Buwaro can hold low-grade fire crystals in their bare hands due to their natural heat resistance but even a low-grade crystal requires a human to use fire tongs to avoid a severe burn. They typically have a orange lick-of-flame shape.
CrystalWater SD514
  • Water Crystal: Low-grade Water Crystals leak water when rubbed and can be used for small jobs, like cleaning, or washing one's hands. Large Water Crystals can yield a large quantity of water when activated, which can be used to fill a water tank which can then be used by firefighters to put out fires. They typically have a blue tear-drop shape.
CrystalIce SD514
  • Ice Crystal: Ice Crystals are mined from the Jaggolin Mountains north of Fragaria. These are effectively the opposite of a Fire Crystal in that they never become warm, they can be used to keep things cool all year so provide a Median equivalent of refrigeration; they are vital for making ice-cream for the same reason. They are typically shaped like snow-flakes.
  • Earth Crystal: Earth Crystals are very rare, expensive and useful. A high-grade Earth Crystal buried in the ground of a farm will drastically improve the surrounding soil quality which can bring in bountiful harvests for generations.
CrystalWind SD514

A wind crystal that's molded into a ring.

  • Wind Crystal: Wind Crystals appear to amplify the effects of wind, it isn't known what Medians do with them though. Low-grade Wind Crystals are apparently common enough to be sold as novelty toys. Cliff showed Buwaro a toy made from a cheap one, a green crystal shaped into a large ring on a stick that increased the power of any breeze blowing through it; he demonstrated it by blowing through it which produced a powerful gust of wind on the other side.


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