This maintenance category lists pages that have been tagged with various quality related issues templates. These pages suffer from sections that are poorly or inconsistently written and need to be cleaned up to the same level of quality as the rest of the wiki.

This is effectively a catch-all for writing (spelling and grammar problems, poor use of paragraphs, etc), style (excessive use of bullet and number lists, poor use of images, badly designed tables, missing infoboxes, inconsistent section headings with similar pages, no references, etc), and accuracy (unsupported claims) problems.

Pages can end up in this category by being marked with any of the following templates:

  • {{Copypasta}} — pages that are ripped off from somewhere else without proper formatting or in-your-own-words editing.
  • {{Needs cleanup}} — pages with style problems, as described above.
  • {{Needs rewrite}} — pages with content problems, both poorly expressed ideas and unsupported claims.

Pages in category "Articles with quality problems"

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