Beauregard SD80
Beauregard Franken




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Money Lender

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Slightly Damned #80 [HQTS]

Beauregard Franken was a money-lender who was known to ruin the lives of poor people through sneaky business tactics. He has been dead for years and was subjected to spend time in Hell for his greedy ways.


Beauregard seems to have an old-age complexion as well as having light-tan skin, a large nose and short-cut black hair with long sideburns. He wears a fancy blue coat over a gray and white-striped split vest and black shirt, a white short tie, gray and white-striped pants and brown shoes with a white strap.


Beauregard seems to be rather arrogant, not wanting to easily give up his wealth even if it means taking drastic measures, hiding his money in his clothes and also looking down on people he feels lesser than him; like calling Rhea a filthy pack-rat because she was a Jakkai.

Judging from his previous occupation he was likely to be very persuasive in how he is able to garner money off people through astronomically hidden fees and interest rates. This may also contribute to his greed given how many people he's ruined because of that.



For as long as he lived, Beauregard was known for being a successful money lender; ruining the lives of the poor who were unable to pay back his loans due to hidden fees and interest rates that he might have set.

Years before the start of the story, Beauregard died from food poisoning and was to be sent to Hell by "Death". However he lied about having money to pay the toll to ride through the River Styx and spent several years swimming.

To Hell and BackEdit

Time in HellEdit

Beauregard finally arrived on the shores of the Ring of the Slightly Damned, just as Rhea was about to get answers from "Death" regarding Buwaro. After a brief introduction by "Death" he yelled at him, reminding him about not having money on him. However some coins fell out of his sleeves in which Rhea picked up one out of suspicion. Beauregard yelled for her to put it down and insulted her, causing her to shout back but both were stopped by "Death" before a fight could break out. "Death" would then take Beauregard away, presumably to the inner-depths of Hell.



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